Studio Policy 學生守則

Please kindly see the notes below:

Notes to Parents/Students:

  1. Students should respect teachers, be well disciplined, keep quiet and preserve the environment in lesson room.
  2. Regular teaching schedule is fixed on same day every week.
  3. Tuition is to be paid on monthly basis. Normally, 4 lessons a month. In case there are 5 weeks, tuition will be counted as 5 lessons.
  4. Tuition is to be paid at the last lesson (4th or 5th lesson) for the coming month. For example, at the last lesson on December, tuition should be paid for January.
  5. Students can make leave application for at least 1days (24hour) before. Make up lesson will be arranged and it should be made within that month. No make up lesson will be offered for any leave on the lesson day (less than 24hr notice).
  6. For sick leave, student should notice teacher at his/her earliest time. Doctor’s proof is required for make up arrangement.
  7. For teacher on leave, make up lessons will be arranged within the month.
  8. Special weather arrangement. Lessons will be cancelled for Typhoon no.8 or Black rain signal. Lessons will resume in two hours after these signals canceled. Make up lessons will be offered for the signals above.

Respect on the regulations is highly appreciated. Thank you.


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